Vrudora is a large kingdom on the southwestern tip of the Iduan continent. Vrudora is mainly farmland, but with a sizeable mining community and numerous forests. All races live in Vrudora, and for the most part the different races mix and mingle freely throughout the country. 

The climate in Vrudora is temperate. Winters are usually mild. The warm temperatures make for a longer growing season. Trade in Vrudora happens mostly over land, due to a lack of coastlines, and as such is not the most profitable occupation. Thankfully, because of the diverse resources available, Vrudora is largely self-sufficient, and Vrudorans are very proud of this. 

There are four major trading cities in Vrudora, known as the "Locks." Foreign traders who hope to work with the merchant's guild and get proper permits must enter Vrudora through these Locks, making them the four largest cities in Vrudora, aside from the capitol. Northlock, Silverslock, Ironslock, and Seaslockare culturally diverse and heavily populated, with residents ranging from the very rich to the extremely poor.  Each of the Locks holds one chapter of the Merchant's Guild, with the headquarters of the guild being in Silverslock.

Vrudora is a monarchy, with a single royal family headed by the eldest son. While the king has absolute power, there is also a King's Council, made up of the higher nobility and heads of the largest guilds. This Council acts to inform and influence the king's decisions, and his word will always rule over theirs. The Council also acts as a supreme court, when a judgment is too complicated, important, or contested to be judged by less important persons.

Vrudora has friendly or neutral relations with most of its neighboring countries.


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