Vertices of the Council

Pafarn, Dragonborn Barbarian - Pafarn came to the guild as a typical adventurer, looking to crack heads and enforce justice. He quickly rose through the ranks, proving himself to be an excellent greatsword wielder and strategist. Good humored when out-of-armor, his battle rage is impressive to behold. For a time, he left the guild to act as the king's personal bodyguard, but eventually decided the job wasn't for him – he enjoyed working with young fighters too much, teaching them how to hone their skills for battle. And, frankly, the king never faced enough danger to satisfy Pafarn, who will get antsy and irritable if it's been too long since he killed something big and powerful.

Dana, Dwarven Fighter-Monk - Dana was originally meant to become the leader of her clan, but destiny had other plans. When her family's caravan was attacked by bandits on the way to Silverslock for the grand market, Dana found within her the strength and bravery to become a true warrior. Realizing her innate talent for battle, she left her clan to study swordsmanship. Eventually, she retreated to the mountains and the monastery of Nahm Akhar, where she learned the Way of the Open Hand. Her steadfastness and willingness to do anything to complete a job made her stand out among the rank and file, and eventually her years of duty to the guild and her extensive knowledge of fighting arts brought her to the vertices.

Tristan, Human Paladin - The second-youngest of the vertices, Tristan comes from a long line of warriors who dedicate themselves to the Northern God, Ydon. His great-great-grandfather was one of the founding fathers of the Council of Heroes, and someone from his family has sat among the vertices ever since. However, Tristan is not just in the vertices for his family's history. He has shown himself to be an incredible fighter, a prodigy who could wield a sword at twelve the way most men can only hope to do at forty. Tristan has a particular fondness for slaying dragons, and thus far has led five successful dragon hunts. There are still those who doubt his boyish looks, so Tristan is often out in the field, proving his worth to anyone who doubts him, even though he is now entering his late thirties.

Finnan, Halfling Bard-Rogue - They say that Finnan always gets what he wants – either by talking you into giving it to him, or taking it when you're back is turned. A charming and cunning man, Finnan has friends in many places, high and low. His ear is always pressed to the pulse of the underworld, yet his personal record is clean. Ostensibly nothing more than a poet, singer, and harp-player, Finnan had made himself a huge fortune at a young age. At first, he was happy to spend those coins on frivolity. However, after a town he was visiting was destroyed by a band of gnolls (and barely escaping, himself), Finnan approached the Council of Heroes with an offer; all of his accumulated fortune, in return for training, so that he would never have to watch such an event happen again. Since then, he has worked tirelessly, proving that talent is only as good as the practice one is willing to invest in any skill. His complete dedication to stopping such mindless evils brought him to the attention of the vertices, and after proving himself in the Siege of Dogherty, he was invited into the upper circle.

Fern, Half-Elf Bard - Warriors who put their lives on the line are important, but there comes a time when words are needed more than swords. The diplomatic face of the Council, Fern works her word-weaving magic on everyone and anyone. Meeting with concerned nobles, skeptics, and rowdy recruits, Fern expertly finds common ground and compromise from any situation. She is adept as explaining the purpose and goals of the guild, and has convinced many a rich man to invest in the training of the apprentices through scholarships. Fern has negotiated trade agreements with the best craftsmen in the country, and always has a smiling face for anyone who needs comfort or bolstering. She spends her free time playing in the tavern, listening to the tales of the guild members and weaving them into epic poems and songs. Word has it, she's even writing a book.

Natki, Tiefling Sorceror-Rogue - While tieflings in Vrudora face less discrimination than in the Khecan Empire, there are still some who balk at the idea of a tiefling among the upper echelon. Natki ignores those who look down on her, though, and often makes them eat their words by saving their lives when the time comes. A talented sorceress, Natki knows the way of spells and blades like the back of her hand. Her background is mysterious, and she can rarely be persuaded to talk about her past adventures. However, it is known that she saved the life of the last remaining founder of the guild, back when she was still a teenager. In thanks, Jazmin the Polecat took Natki under her wing, and gave the tiefling all the training she could ever ask for. Under the Polecat's guidance, she quickly proved herself worthy of respect, and when the Polecat passed away, her last wish was that Natki join the vertices. Showing her thanks for everything her mentor did, Natki agreed, and after a few more years of adventuring, joined the upper circle.

Grazira, Half-Orc Fighter - Grazira was all but born into the guild. Found as a newborn on the steps of the guildhall, Grazira was taken in by one of the older knights who wished to settle down. Growing up in the guildhall shaped Grazira into the warrior she is today. She was fed adventure stories for breakfast and taught to fence before she could spell her own name. She was following knights on adventures as soon as she could ride a horse and carry a shield, and before too long she was fighting beside them. The youngest member of the vertices, Grazira knows nothing but the adventurer's life, and she will do whatever she has to, to protect that lifestyle. She often accompanies Fern on diplomatic endeavors, using her brawn to add a bit of bite to Fern's honeyed words. And to those who say she's little more than the guild's mascot? Well, they are welcome to step into the ring with her and find out exactly why she's sitting in the upper circle.

Jade, Human Cleric – On the battlefield, Jade is little more than a whirlwind of blade and blood. Once the battle is over, though, she turns her attention to healing, always with the goal of saving as many lives as she takes. Her father and mother were both senior knights, once, and her grandmother was a vertex before her. All have since passed, her grandmother from old age and her parents from a dangerous battle with a beholder. Jade could do nothing to save them, being at the guildhall healing from a broken leg, and always regretted that she wasn't there with them in that battle. Her depression over her parents' death left her ready to leave the guild altogether. However, as she spent time in the healing bay, she began to notice how much the clerics and other healers could do for the wounded and dying. Soon, her passion turned from dealing wounds to healing them. While she still fights when she needs to, and trains young rogues in two-handed fighting, she spends most of her time in the healing bay or the temple of Kira, the Eastern Goddess.

Niko, Half-Elf Warlock - Niko's history is none of your business, but one look into his eyes will tell you that it's a dark one. No one knows where he came from before he joined the guild, and few even remember his years as a novice and junior apprentice. However, he gained nation-wide notoriety after saving the Duchess of Seaslock from being kidnapped by a pirate during a raid on the city. His powers have grown ever since. Cold and apathetic, he rarely interacts with the lower-level guild members, even the other warlocks, and tends to see those with little training as useless weaklings, rather than heroes-in-the-making. His prickly personality hasn't stopped his rise through the ranks, however. He has a small group of personal underlings, all masters or higher in the guild, who work for him as spies for the guild. Whether or not those spies act in other, darker ways for the good of the guild and Niko himself, is uncertain, but if the other vertices need information, Niko can always provide it.

Hana, Elf Druid - Hana has been a vertex for longer than anyone else, due to her druidic ability to slow her own aging. Originally one of the second-generation heroes, she was there when the Council shifted from mercenary band to guild, and has seen it grow since then. She has been at the helm, guiding its progress for many decades, and will continue to do so for as long as she can. To those who don't know her, she seems infinitely patient, extremely wise, and generally peaceful as she tends to the horses and gardens around the guildhall. However, those who know her better know that she has a wicked temper that flares hot and fast, before forgetting her grudges almost immediately, not unlike the animals she loves. While she prefers to talk with flora and fauna over eager novices, she does sometimes help a newbie learn to ride a horse, and she will always come to meet new steeds, familiars, and other pets brought in by adventurers. If there were an official, singular leader of the guild, it would be Hana, although she is more than happy to share the duties with her other vertices.

Vertices of the Council

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