Silverslock is the largest trading city in Vrudora, and the second largest city in the country. Nestled between Prethia and Terus, resting in the crook of the Ilgai River, Silverslock is in a prime location for trade. 

Its proximity to the deep Devawood forests that sprawl through the area also makes Silverslock a center for woodworking in Vrudora, including the creation and enchantment of wands. All Vrudoran wandsmiths who want official papers come to Silverslock to spend a year or more in apprenticeship before being approved by the Wandmakers' Guild and given their permits to create and sell. The best wands for the best price are created in Silverslock. Anyone interested in learning how to enchant items can find suitable teachers here. Guild members of the Wandmakers' and Enchanters' guilds get special commissions for training beginners, so there are many eager tutors available.

Anyone with enough coin can be an important figure in the city, and the upper class is always shifting as people lose and gain coin. As courtly favor and fashion are ever-changing, there is an atmosphere of decadence and excess that plagues the upper class. There is a robust entertainment district, filled with theaters, music houses, bathhouses, brothels, and even an arena where the rich can watch the strong and cunning fight for coin. Clothing and hair styles change dramatically with the seasons, often favoring the avante garde over the practical. Affairs, betrayals, and underhanded dealings are fashionable. For those with the money to spend and the patience for the political game, Silverslock has many options for wasting time and coin.

As is to be expected in any large city, there is a high amount of crime in Silverslock. Thieves can find pretty good pickings in the pockets of shoppers, and burglars can steal and fence expensive pieces of art and jewelry without having to leave the city. Mirroring its twin in Seaslock, the Thieves' Guild of Silverslock is large and powerful. While in Seaslock one might find smuggled illegal goods, such as dangerous magical items and even kidnapped individuals, in Silverslock there are more mundane items up for grabs, and many of the thieves in the city work as charlatans rather than smugglers. Charming the coins from someone's purse is easy, if one knows how to sell their placebo medicines, fake jewels, and pretend magical objects. 

Silverslock is ruled by the Duke Harley Reed, a middle-aged man who recently succeeded his father. Unwed, he attracts quite a bit of attention from the bachelorettes of the upper class. As with all things in upper class Silverslock, the attempts to woo him can be quite dramatic and end in fantastic heartbreak and betrayal. Duke Reed seems not to notice, for the most part. Despite his newly appointed seat, he is very adept at ruling the city, and can balance the needs of traders, craftsmen, the rich, and the poor with ease. While not particularly charming, he has an air of competency that makes him one of the most respected dukes in the kingdom. While he does have many advisers from different parts of the city, he is the sole ruler. 

Should he die before becoming married and producing a child, his sister-in-law, whose husband died of illness ten years ago, Lady Salma Reed, will take his place. Lady Salma is much more interested in research and magic than she is in leading, however, and is quite the accomplished sorcerer. For every woman trying to woo Duke Reed, there is a man trying to woo the widow Salma.


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