​Located at the southernmost tip of the country, Seaslock is the main trading city connecting Vrudora to Gibhyn Island and the western edge of Khalamat. Sea travel around the horn of the Greater Kingdoms is dangerous, due both to poor weather conditions and piracy, so much of Vrudoran trade happens over land rather than by sea. As such, Seaslock is the least populated of the Locks. While permanent residents only number in the low thousands, many sailors and sea traders live in the city during the winter months, when it is simply too dangerous to sail the southern waters.

​As with most port cities, there is a fair amount of crime in Seaslock. Smugglers bringing in drugs and dark magical items, pirates fencing stolen goods, and unfortunately even the occasional humanoid trafficking ring, have been caught by Seaslock's city guard. Luckily for some, and unluckily for others, the city guard is notoriously corrupt, with guards taking bribes from just about anyone to look the other way. Rival smugglers might try to bribe the same guard, who ends up playing double agent for the highest bidder. The captain of the guard, Sir Jeirdan Bussu, is a plump middle-aged man who is, coincidentally, much wealthier than his salary would suggest. He holds very little political power among the city's higher-ups, but for the common folk, he's almost like a mayor. They take their troubles to him, and he and his men deal with them (for a price).

​Despite being relatively isolated from other major cities, Seaslock is also home to the headquarters of the Thieves' Guild. While each local chapter of the guild tends to be autonomous, the Seaslock chapter is sometimes called upon to quell an overzealous thief lord, settle a turf war, and pull together enough coin to put a price on a pesky noble's head.  ​Seaslock's worst kept secret, the Thieves' Guild works out of the Widow's Sorrows Tavern and Inn. 

​Seaslock is ruled by Duke Lam Yazhu and Duchess Lam Xue. Long ago, when Vrudora first became independent, the Lam family was essential in controlling the southern border against naval raids. While, in the end, most of the southern part of Vrudora had to be given up to the Greater Kingdoms, the Lams were still honored with Seaslock and its holdings. A proud, oldblood family, the Lams are detached from the populous, living away from the busy docks, and few Seaslock residents even know what their rulers look like. How much the Lams may be involved in the underworld of Seaslock is unknown, but they have never attempted to oust the Thieves' Guild and only occasionally insist that the city guard buckle down on smugglers and pirates. 


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