A trading city, Northlock is on the border with Prethia. Many Prethians, as well as visitors and merchants from the Empire, come through this city to enter Vrudora. Merchants wishing to set up legal permanent or semi-permanent stores must have a permit issued from the Merchants' Guild, so the city is often overfull of merchants waiting for their permits to come through. 

Situated against the banks of the Ilgai River, some merchants avoid the permit laws by trading from riverboats. From long canoes to large paddle wheelers, the river and the channels that run through the city are filled with people selling everything from food and clothing to magical potions and deadly weapons.

The city is run by a mayor, voted for by the permanent Vrudoran residents. Quite a few people in Northlock work as census takers, keeping track of who can vote, whose permits are up to date, and who's living in the city without proper papers. The current mayor is Mintra Qili-North, a gnomish woman who was once the head of the Northlock chapter of the Merchant's Guild, and before that, personal scrivener to the King's  treasurer. Her experience with trade and economics, as well as her cool-headed and down-to-earth personality, has led to her sitting in the mayor's chair for twenty years and counting.

As one might expect, the Merchants' Guild is extremely important in Northlock. The head of the guild is often seen as an unofficial co-mayor, and anyone who aspires to hold the position of mayor of Northslock knows that the must work for the Merchants' Guild at some point. The current head of the guild is Glen Longore, a human man who only took the position a few years ago. At only 54, he's considered quite young and many of the older members of the guild and some of the foreign merchants try to test his capabilities from time to time. He has an affable personality and rarely gets ruffled by these pointed tests.

The population of Northlock is fairly mixed, racially. The area around the city is crisscrossed with many rivers and lakes, stretching west and south toward the ocean. There are many forests in the northern part of Vrudora, and the soil is good for farming.


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