Neighboring Countries

Vrudora has friendly or neutral relations with most of its neighboring countries. Prethia is its strongest ally and Terus runs a close second. These two large, stable countries are the source of most trade opportunities in Vrudora. Prethia, especially, has good connections with Vrudora.

Khalamat, the country to the west, is Vrudora's biggest worry. Once a part of Khalamat, Vrudora separated during the civil wars, and the two nations have never been friendly again. Over the past few years, Vrudora has slowly been chiseling away at Khalamat's eastern border, and the two countries are on a course for war.

The Khecan Empire has almost nothing to do with Vrudora, because of the mountains and glacier fields between them. The Empire is no longer expanding, and is perfectly happy to ignore everything west of the mountains. 

The Gathered Kingdoms are a collection of small kingdoms (most made up of a single large city and its outlying farmland and villages). There are many kings and queens, with a High King barely keeping the clans together. Again, this country isn't a threat simply because it is so busy trying to keep itself from falling apart.

The Grey Isles are a set of small, mysterious islands. No one has been able to make a permanent settlement there. The islands are covered in rich hardwood forests and dangerous, unknown wildlife.

Gibhyn Island is almost the opposite. It is quite well settled and could even be described as cosmopolitan. It makes a good neutral trading ground for the nearby countries, and there is a healthy blackmarket as well. There is also a large (and as of yet unnamed) university on the island, so many magic wielders and scholars live there, at least temporarily as they study and train. 

Neighboring Countries

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