Ironslock rests on the border between Vrudora and Khalamat. Once, it was a typical Lock, a trading city for the two countries. Now, however, it is a Lock in name only. Ironslock is the unofficial seat of Vrudora's army, which builds in number as the tensions with Khalamat rise. While technically, the center of power for the army is the capital of Heartslock, over the last few years that power has been shifting to Ironslock.

While much of Ironslock is now devoted to supporting the army, individual adventurers can still find quite a few masterfully made items for sale here. Armor and weapons of the finest quality, for both fighter and their steeds, can be found throughout the city. Custom-made items can be commissioned, and there are many magically enhanced items as well. Potions and poison, maps, and (for a price) information are also highly-sought purchases. For someone looking to prepare themselves for battle, Ironslock is the place to be.

While officially ruled by Most Honorable Dowager, the Duchess Zinlana Sylynore Dirgesworn, Ironslock is truly governed by a makeshift council made up of the most important people in the city. The leader of the local Merchants' Guild chapter, the general of the army, and the leaders of the various metalworking guilds, all make up the council, as well as the Duchess' son and daughter, totaling a dozen in all. They vote on important matters, with the Duchess breaking any ties they may have.

Ironslock, as one might imagine, is no place for criminals, and a large and high security prison rests near the center of the city, housing the most dangerous criminals from all over the country. There are also many cells left empty, ready for political prisoners, should the situation between Khalamat and Vrudora turn to war.


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